Eureka Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.Co. established in 2010 according to the Ethiopian trade law and registered with the Ministry of Trade to provide consultancy services in the area of health, WASH, nutrition and food security, and social development. All the associates in the company have received a license and certified from their respective regulatory bodies individually as they fulfilled the required skill for the job and the profession they acquire.

The main objective of the company is to provide efficient consolation to its clients in order to achieve their respective goals.

The value we bring to our clients: speed, working in tandem, future orientation, embracing the client's view of value, and delivering total solutions - from ideas to implementation; even to monitoring and evaluation of the activities.

Our team members and associates are from top executives with a wide range of experience with proven successful track records. They have advanced qualifications and extensive experience to ensure that our clients will be presented with practical recommendations, hands-on solutions, and services including training. The team maintains a panel of consultants comprising of eminent Researchers, Academicians, Trainers, Practitioners, Programmers, Field managers, Interviewers, translators, data managers, and data collectors.

Our working relationship with Governmental, UN Agencies, and Non Governmental organizations is tremendous. We have also established strong and reliable professional relationships with key decision-makers in the country from the outset.

The Meaning and Story of Eureka:

Eureka is a Greek word that is defined as "I have found it!" and is a cry of happiness or satisfaction when you find something or have an achievement.

It is a word coined after the reputed exclamation of Archimedes when, after long study, he discovered a method of detecting the amount of alloy mixed with the gold.


Eureka's Consulting mission is to serve clients in the health care, nutrition and food security and social support sectors by providing the best counsel, technical assistance, and training services to support them to achieve results and meet goals of their respective organizations.


Eureka envisions on being a credible and leading partner to govermental and non-govermental organizations in quality and efficient consultancy services provison.

Our Values:

  • Participation: towork with our clients and their partners/stakeholders.
  • Teamwork/Integrity: in maintaining collaborative working atmosphere.
  • Commitment: towards achievement of our respective clients’ goals.
  • Reflection: of work results to our respective clients.
  • Innovation: Insight with new idea to solve the identified problems.
  • Mutual respect: we treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • Accountability: we accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes and mistakes.
  • Trust: we can count on each other.
  • Excellence:we do our best at all times and look for ways to do it even better.
  • Timeliness: we are conscious to deliver our services according to the schedule.

Eureka's Capacity

Infrastructure wise Eureka has a suitable office in an ideal location in Addis Ababa with competitive and hands-on experience technical and supportive staff and self-sufficient required standard office facilities. In addition, it has built its asset base to be credible and self-supporting to its esteemed clients.

Eureka is organized with professionals experienced in the areas of designing, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs and projects. All staff members are highly qualified and experienced in their area of specialization.  

In addition to these, Eureka engages a large number of short term experts and also maintains a panel of consultants comprising of eminent researchers, trainers, field managers, interviewers, translators, transcribers, data collectors, and other professionals with specialized expertise.

Regarding financial capability, the financial information of the company demonstrates its capability to be self-sufficient up to some threshold to give services in credit. Eureka is confident to present its outstanding statement and financial balance as well as bank guarantee when ever required by the client.

In our work, to cope-up with the changing environment, we are adapting environmental friendly/new technologies such as electronic data collection applications and the latest data management soft-wares.

Hence, we would like to guarantee our prestigious clients that we are capable to run even multiple tasks at a time without compromising the qualities of the assignment.

Legal Registration

Eureka Services officially registered with the following details.

  • Main Registration Number: 020/2/9323/2003
  • Trade License Number: 06/3/25554/03
  • Tax Identification Number: 0016409946
  • VAT Registration Number: 3685950010
  • Registered & Approved supply for MOFED(see in the list of MOFED’s supplier)

EUREKA is positioned to provide consultancy services for individuals and organizations, especially designed to strengthen the staff and organizational capacity required to perform effectively.

Phone: (+251) 118 285 514 / (+251) 911 516 262

ADD: Addis Ababa, around Addisu Gebeya, Jambo Business Complex