Eureka is positioned to provide problem-solving consultancy services for organizations, specially designed to strengthen the organizational capacity required to perform effectively and efficiently in executing programs and/or projects towards their strategic goal.

Eureka is legally established to undertake the following main business activities;
1.To conduct research activities
2.To provide capacity building t

Researches and Trainings

Full range of participatory researches to identify problemes and to fix solutions for identified problems in the area of;
  • Health
  • Nutrition and Food Security,
  • WASH and other development-related consultancy services;
Tailor-made Trainings:
  • Training provision
  • Training material/guideline development
  • Training logistic supply

Operational and Formative Researches;

1. Comprehensive Research Works from inception to dissemination:
  • Situational assessment
  • Baseline survey
  • Data mapping
  • Assessment of needs of target groups and design intervention packages
  • Formative assessment
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation (Mid-term and Terminal evaluation) and
  • Impact assessment
2. Partial Research works:
  • Designing of research instruments
  • Data collection team training
  • Data collection fieldwork
  • Data management -Data entry, Data cleaning, and Analysis
  • Research report writing-up

Comprehensive Research Services:

  • Write project concept notes
  • Project design
  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Project & program implementation partner
  • Policy, strategy and guideline development
  • Feasibility study
  • Document translation services

Health Communication and BCC/SBCC Strategy Development

  • Develop sound BCC/SBCC strategy
  • Design IEC/BCC materials with sticky/memorable message
  • Publish newspaper and magazine in the area of health matters

Social Marketing Researches;

  • Pricing-Willingness To Pay surveys (WTP)
  • Market mix - 4P analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Design marketing strategy
  • Target Audience Archetype Analysis
  • Media, Message and Concept testing and Rapid Audience Assessment

Tailor-made trainings and training logistics supply;

  • Provision of Short & Long Term;as well as Multi-stage and/or cascade Trainings
  • Training material/guidelines development/adaptation/translation
  • Logistics supply and organize events and conferences 

EUREKA is positioned to provide consultancy services for individuals and organizations, especially designed to strengthen the staff and organizational capacity required to perform effectively.

Phone: (+251) 118 285 514 / (+251) 911 516 262

ADD: Addis Ababa, around Addisu Gebeya, Jambo Business Complex